Cultural Responsibility

To protect the cultural heritage and support cultural activities are shares of each part of the society. This is because the culture is the sum of the distances covered together, obstacles overcome and gaining. In other words, the culture is the keystone, which constitutes us and causes us to stand and be hopeful about the future.

We, as Yildiz Entegre, are aware what underlies all of success is our firm belief in and loyalty to the values of these lands. With this conscious, we provide our support to cultural projects and activities, which contribute to our mission and polices as well as social life in an integrated manner. Additionally, we serve for many projects realized ny the non-governmental organizations each year.


Historical Tekkeliler Mansion House, renovated with the contributions of Yildiz Entegre within the scope of “Project for Mudurnu Touristic Activities”, will serve as a boutique hotel, café and restaurant. The relevant facility has 9 rooms, a 100 person-capacity indoor restaurant and a 70 person-capacity outdoor restaurant.

As Yildiz Entegre family, the matter of protection of our history and our values has come to the fore one more time with these restoration activities. As stated by our Great Leader Ataturk, “A nation, not aware of its history, cannot direct its future.”