Energy Efficiency

We, as Yildiz Entegre, always act with the awareness for protection of the environment. Must of all the investments made by our organization is environmental technologies. Our Energy Effiency projects, we realized by using advanced technology with this point of view, has contributed to the environment as if have planted a forest, consisting of 1,300,000 mature trees.

• There is a Co-Generation Plant, consisting of 3 6MW gas tribune, at our Kocaeli Factory. We satisfy approximately 25% of our electricity need by this way.

• We use 65 MW energy boiler for conversion of production wastes to thermal energy at our Mersin MDF Factory. Production at our facility, consisting of waste water refinement facility, temporary waste storage area and press exhaust gas wash-off line, is maintained in an environmental-friendly manner at our facilities. 

• Raw material wastes – chips - not used in production at our Manisa Particle Board Facility are converted energy by our boiler with our 26.5 MW capacity boiler at Manisa Particle Board Facilities.

• There is also energy boiler of 9.5 MW capacity at our Bolu Particle Board Facilities.

• In our Kocaeli MDF Factory, a hot air transfer channel was constructed between the boiler flues and press-3 drying line; so natural gas consumption was zeroed. Accordingly carbon release to the atmosphere was prevented. This project was awarded with Senver 14 and Senver 3 Jury Special Prize.

• Kocaeli MDF Factory minimized natural gas consumption by means of tribune application constructed in the Press 2 Facility at Kocaeli MDF Factory. As per electricity consumption of the facility, 30% energy efficiency has been procured

• Thanks to energy application made to Press 1 and Press 3 drying fan of Kocaeli MDF Factory, higher rate of energy saving has been made.

• At Bolu Particle Board Factory, the new boiler system- the state-of-the-art technology product, providing high efficiency, being user friendly and having higher level of labor safety - replaced the old boiler system that was inefficient in operation and resulting in heat imbalance during production upon modification carried out in that factory. Our aforesaid project was rewarded by runner-up prize in the category of “Large Scale Corporation – Automation and Technological Innovation” out of the Efficiency Project Prizes given by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Furthermore, our project, having been granted Senver 15 Certificate of Appreciation and enabling use of the boiler flue gas heat in the form line, is another environmentalist implementation at our Bolu Particle Board Factory.